The Great Little Pumpkin

Dear bitty garden,How very swiftly plans for spiffying up a garden, even the tiniest of them, can turn to fiddle-dee-deeing. I blame those overcast skies and the great little pumpkin who’s always up for a photoshoot, twist my arm. Do I have plans for you this season? Why of course I do. It’s my favoriteContinue reading “The Great Little Pumpkin”

One by One

Listening. Humming. Flipping through recipes.Noting graces. Again. And again. For finding a dish towel with the very sentiment of my heart. In English! For seat cushions not available in the same color, unplanned turning out better than planned. For a pudgy-cheeked pumpkin that has sparked expectancy, because there aren’t too many neighborhood pumpkin patches thisContinue reading “One by One”