Winged Creatures in a Garden, They Do Fly!

There is ample room in a garden for endless creative meanderings, laughter and stories and all sorts of lightheartedness that lifts our feet off the ground even without the assistance of a magic cape. Sometimes a little or a lot of nonsensical too. And now I must look up nonsensical and play “Jellicle Cats” fromContinue reading “Winged Creatures in a Garden, They Do Fly!”

Always Autumn

Trees are recoloring, earth celebrating, confetti casting at our feet. And light, it’s once again kinder, a stretched out blanket that softly wraps itself around us. The glow of gentleness. I bask. Dear bitty garden,It’s autumn! Already, leaves are lining walkways and out have come the plushier sweaters and downier blankets. Yesterday, a couple ofContinue reading “Always Autumn”

In a Garden, Seated

In a bitty garden of aquamarine, calm invites us to pause. A little chair, with its endearing wink and all, beckons us to sit and enjoy the petunias. Endearing. Showing affection. Giving rise to love. And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus, EphesiansContinue reading “In a Garden, Seated”

Starry Little Matron, A Garden Tea

Dear teeny garden, It’s lily season, and the stargazing has begun.  For me, it never really ends; head in the clouds I’ve been told my whole life.  As an only child, it’s easy to appreciate this wonderful gift, and I am more grateful for it every day. There’s so much that we’re only able toContinue reading “Starry Little Matron, A Garden Tea”