Ratatouille in a Pumpkin

with a Belarusian twist Lately, cooking is turning out to be one of my favorite creative forms. For me, it’s not so much about the food but about time well-spent. Dear little kitchen,Are you purposely distracting me from my computer? I thank you. Yesterday, while visiting Gabi’s page, Cooking Without Limits, I ran across aContinue reading “Ratatouille in a Pumpkin”

Hello, Sunshine

The sun is out!But wait,isn’t it always? Dear little kitchen, I couldn’t resist a second serving of my spellbinding homemade wild rice soup, no forest mushrooms today but clouds parting after an entire week of overcast skies certainly counts as magic. Antique Aqua, Soft Pumpkin and Yorkshire Tan, my colors of the season (names courtesyContinue reading “Hello, Sunshine”