The Great Little Pumpkin

Dear bitty garden,How very swiftly plans for spiffying up a garden, even the tiniest of them, can turn to fiddle-dee-deeing. I blame those overcast skies and the great little pumpkin who’s always up for a photoshoot, twist my arm. Do I have plans for you this season? Why of course I do. It’s my favoriteContinue reading “The Great Little Pumpkin”

Delicious Autumn

Every leaf,each drop of splendor and color,gracefully flowing togethereffortlessly,beautifully. Dear little kitchen window, How did it happen? At the end of the day, as the sun winked his see you tomorrow, a tiny sliver of a room became a palace. A R O M A. Pleasantness that transforms all. A L L. And walk in love, asContinue reading “Delicious Autumn”

Hello, Sunshine

The sun is out!But wait,isn’t it always? Dear little kitchen, I couldn’t resist a second serving of my spellbinding homemade wild rice soup, no forest mushrooms today but clouds parting after an entire week of overcast skies certainly counts as magic. Antique Aqua, Soft Pumpkin and Yorkshire Tan, my colors of the season (names courtesyContinue reading “Hello, Sunshine”

The Stuff That Merry is Made Of

The sight of my bicycle’s turned seat always makes me giggle. Upon one crisp October morning. The image is from last year, when I decided to go for an early morning autumnal spin through my neighborhood’s apple orchard. Autumnal spins, I highly recommend them, made up of the stuff of magic brews, like a spellbindingContinue reading “The Stuff That Merry is Made Of”

One by One

Listening. Humming. Flipping through recipes.Noting graces. Again. And again. For finding a dish towel with the very sentiment of my heart. In English! For seat cushions not available in the same color, unplanned turning out better than planned. For a pudgy-cheeked pumpkin that has sparked expectancy, because there aren’t too many neighborhood pumpkin patches thisContinue reading “One by One”