wackadoodle [wakuh-dood-l]
Someone or something eccentric, wrongheaded, bizarre, or foolish, generally in an amusing way and with a mildly dismissive tone.

My kids and I used the word way before I ever looked it up. I’d typically emphasize it by saying wackadoodledoo. When you’re a full-time stay-at-home mom it comes to mind quite often and rolls off the tongue oh so very naturally. 😉 They’re all grown up now, both balancing career and family~one with three pups and a newborn, the other with four pups~and I sure do hope they don’t forget to laugh at themselves and use our word often. Very often.

I commend mirth.

Ecclesiastes 8:15

I thought of it this morning, as I captured a glimpse of a Prince’s feather (Amaranth) propped against my little kitchen window. Sometimes Grace truly amazes me. All times.

See you, littles.

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