Upon One’s Honor

You may or may not know how much I love words and dictionary sponging. Words become so common in our day to day that we often dismiss them without a second thought. How words come to me depends on what I’m experiencing; sometimes, other times they come to me while reading a book or watching a movie, even one I’ve read or watched a dozen times. Suddenly, a new spotlight pops out of nowhere. Somewhere.

Honor came to me today through a single glance, from the looks on the faces of the souls that received the meal I had prepared with much love. The heart that went into the simplest ingredients was received.

What honor is mine.

Oh yes, as promised, the messy kitchen peek.

Strength and honor are her clothing,

and she laughs…

Proverbs 31:25

There's an oil painting behind the cup pictured above, one that I purchased recently from the most kind and gentle artist.  I knew a bit about the artist just by observing his paintings which brought an instant smile, and after we spoke, with a translator of course, I smiled all the more.  Not surprisingly, I had chosen a Christmas painting.  He explained how the different characters in the painting came to him, but he left out the mouse.  He said that was for me to figure out.  Personally, the painting represents so much, the angel has a very wonderful story of laughter and joy, the bird's cage that has an opened door, I especially enjoyed his explanation of this which I'll keep to myself because some treasure you simply must, and Christmas which I've always believed to be every day so why not put up a painting with a perfect reminder. But the mouse, mighty mouse, he has taken his time to speak up and little by little is showing me much about courage. Funny mouse.
See you, littles.

Published by Marcia Pilar

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